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Scholars, authors, museum professionals, artists, and students are invited to use the archives for a wide range of projects including books, bibliographies, films, and dissertations focusing on photography as well as cultural studies, environmental history, music, and many other areas.

Archives and manuscripts are accessed through the Laura Volkerding Study Center. For assistance with reference questions about the Center’s collections, please contact Leslie Squyres. To make an appointment to visit our collections in person, please contact Emily Una Weirich. Hours are 10AM – 4PM, Monday-Friday. 

We will be closed from Monday, December 25, 2017, through Monday, January 1, 2018. Our normal hours will resume on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.


List of archival collections

Finding Aids

Detailed descriptions of all of the Center's archival collections. 

Searching tip: search across all of the Center’s finding aids by using the search box in the top right corner of this page, and enter the last name (or gallery name) of the collection you are searching for and the term “finding aid.” For example, searching for “weston finding aid” will result in a list including Edward Weston’s finding aids, Brett Weston’s finding aids, and other related finding aids. A search for “weston” will find all of the collections containing information about Weston.

Finding Aids

Name Arizona Archives Onlinesort descending Finding Aid PDF
Oliver Gagliani ag240_gagliani.pdf
Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust ag203_aaprt.pdf
Louise Dahl-Wolfe ag76_dahlwolfe.pdf
W. Eugene Smith miscellaneous ag79_wesmith_misc.pdf
William Mortensen miscellaneous ag191_mortensen_misc.pdf
William (Bill) Jay ag184_jay.pdf
Louis Carlos Bernal ag182_bernal.pdf
Andreas Feininger miscellaneous ag205_feininger_misc.pdf
Lola Alvarez Bravo ag154_alvarezbravo.pdf
Wynn Bullock miscellaneous ag80_bullock_misc.pdf
Jim Pomeroy ag155_pomeroy.pdf
Peter Stackpole ag169_stackpole.pdf
Ernest Bloch ag11_bloch.pdf
Arnold Gassan ag58_gassan.pdf
Barbara Morgan miscellaneous ag206_morgan_misc.pdf
Lee Friedlander ag117_friedlander.pdf
Photographic Literature Collection ag82_photo_lit.pdf
Charles Pratt ag133_pratt.pdf
Milton Rogovin ag210_rogovin.pdf
Ylla ag138_ylla.pdf
Judith Golden ag158_golden.pdf
Blue Sky Gallery ag207_blue_sky_gallery.pdf
Laura Volkerding ag162_volkerding.pdf
Mark Johnstone ag236_johnstone.pdf
Paul Strand miscellaneous ag94_strand_misc.pdf
Josef Breitenbach ag90_breitenbach.pdf
Gene and Dorothy Gruver ag239_gruver.pdf
Harry Callahan miscellaneous ag96_callahan_misc.pdf
Ben Rose ag57_rose.pdf
Barry Goldwater ag88_goldwater.pdf
Book Production Materials Collection ag219_book_prod.pdf
Todd Walker miscellaneous ag220_walker_misc.pdf
John Gutmann ag173_gutmann.pdf
George and Grace Schaub ag241_schaub.pdf
Willard Van Dyke miscellaneous ag97_vandyke_misc.pdf
Rosalie (Rollie) Thorne McKenna ag228_mckenna.pdf
George Grant ag55_grant.pdf
Sid Grossman ag56_grossman.pdf
Palm Press ag231_palm_press.pdf
Etherton Gallery ag243_etherton_gallery.pdf
Richard Avedon miscellaneous ag98_avedon_misc.pdf
Johan Hagemeyer ag44_hagemeyer.pdf
Louis Carlos Bernal miscellaneous ag233_bernal_misc.pdf
Kenneth J. Botto ag244_botto.pdf
New Documents Exhibition Collection ag99_new_documents.pdf
Warner Taylor ag215_taylor.pdf
Henry Holmes Smith ag32_hhsmith.pdf
Robert Heinecken miscellaneous ag235_heinecken_misc.pdf
Charles "Teenie" Harris ag246_harris.pdf
Photographic Materials Collection ag100_photographic_materials_coll.pdf


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